Progression Personal Training offers fitness training services for one-on-one and small group settings as well as larger group exercise classes. The benefits of working with a fitness professional are endless, but the value of the services offered by Breanna Stebbins, NASM-CPT, WLS, CES is unique because you get:

Free Assessment

A lifestyle consultation with a FREE, comprehensive body & fitness assessment


A knowledgeable, nationally certified trainer to provide fitness & nutrition education

Customized Plan

A workout plan & lifestyle solution designed for your specific needs & goals


A personal coach to provide guidance, support, and keep you accountable


A variety of workout formats & exercises to keep your mind engaged & your body challenged at all times


A workout companion to motivate, contest & advance your abilities​


Safe & effective workouts that incorporate scientifically-proven methods​


Rewarding results* that can reinforce healthy behaviors & inspire you to sustain them for the rest of your life!

*Individual results will vary based on each participants' performance, program commitment, nutrition, and plan adherence.