Young Muscular Man

Hypertrophy training, which is considered phase 3 of resistance training, is specific for the adaptation of maximal muscle growth. Hypertrophy training focuses on high levels of volume with minimal rest periods to force cellular changes that result in an overall increase in muscle size. In other words, muscle growth occurs because high volume resistance training creates both a mechanical and metabolic overload of the involved muscle tissue, which forces the body to generate new cells so it can handle the load and volume demands being placed upon it during exercise).


Hypertrophy Training typically requires a commitment of 4-6 days per week for at least 6-8 weeks, depending on individual goals.

Benefits of Hypertrophy Training: 

> Achieves optimal levels of muscular hypertrphy (increased muscle size)

> Increases metabolic demands (caloric expenditure) to induce cellular changes in muscle that will increase muscle mass, size, and strength

> Increases bone mineral density