Iyengar Yoga

Benefits of Stabilization Endurance Training: 

> Improves muscle imbalances, flexibility, stabilization, and core musculature

> Enhances control of posture, joint stability and muscle endurance

> Prevents tissue overload by preparing muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints for the upcoming imposed demands of training

> Improves overall cardiorespiratory condition and neuromuscular efficiency (balance, stabilization, and muscular coordination)

> Establishes proper movement patterns and exercise techniques 

Resistance training is an integral part of disease and injury prevention. It is important to train your muscles, joints, and bones to more easily perform life’s daily activities. 


Stabilization Endurance Training is considered phase 1 of resistance training and focuses on the anatomic adaptation of stabilization. This phase of training is designed to prepare the body for the demands of higher levels of training that may follow. This form of training is crucial for all beginners to complete before progressing into the next phase of training.


Based on individual goals and results from the postural, movement and fitness assessments, this phase of training may be recommended.


Stabilization Endurance training typically requires a commitment of 2-4 days per week for 4-6 weeks. It should also be cycled back through after periods of Strength and Power phases of training to maintain a high degree of core and joint stability.